Make efficient and informed decisions with our intuitive and adaptable VMS technology platform

Based on customer feedback to overcome staffing challenges, helps you to recruit better workers objectively, saving time and money without compromising on technology that fits around your organisation.  

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Technology benefits

We make things simple – with one place for all your people-based procurement needs. Forget the chaos of multiple hiring managers juggling multiple systems and invoices from multiple suppliers.

Technology driven by industry experts

Our experienced team are experts in how to facilitate and use it to it's best advantage. They will show you how you can work more efficiently with Comensura technology.

Finding the best suppliers, faster

The volume of data available can point you to suppliers who’ve previously performed well in similar projects, giving you greater visibility and helping you make the best resourcing decisions. New orders are sent first to suppliers who’ve previously performed well. This creates competition on both quality and price. Alternatively, hiring managers can continue to use the same suppliers they know and trust too to give true choice.

Manage all aspects of your workforce in one place. With one point of contact helps you to find, engage, and manage workers with easy to access data technology that adapts to meet your needs, saving you time and money. In just a few clicks, hiring managers can reach out to the supplier market and access a pool of available workers. Whether your team needs high volumes or niche talent, our network of trusted suppliers will find the right people for your business.

Keeping reliable records with no effort

All actions and data are recorded on, giving you a reliable audit trail for all suppliers and workers without the hard work of doing it manually.  Benefit from accurate business intelligence to support resource planning and financial analysis.

Simple and straightforward workflows

Streamline workflows by submitting and approving orders, receiving candidate details, confirming candidate selections, and signing off timesheets, all in one technology platform. Plus, timesheet data feeds automatically into a single consolidated weekly invoice. Simple.

Statement of Work (SoW) management in provides a versatile and adaptable platform for statement of work visibility, management and insight all in one place. helps you to make services procurement choices that offer the best value for money, save time and reduce risk by ensuring strict governance and total compliance. provides consolidated SoW invoicing and comprehensive reporting all in one place.

Our technology helps you to overcome key workforce management challenges

Our technology helps you to overcome key workforce management challenges gives you everything in one place - facilitating a knowledge library of project intelligence, helping you to find, engage, and manage workers, maintain talent pools, and organise all aspects of compliances and administrative tasks faster.

Expert advice on making the most of our technology

Expert advice on making the most of our technology

We have experts with experience in a wide range of sectors excited to show you how our proprietary technology can help you to find the best candidates to meet any organisation’s needs.

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Arrange a demo of our system with one of our supply chain management specialists. They’ll show you exactly how Comensura’s leading technology can work for you.