Waste Management ED&I

Comensura collaborated with a pioneering company dedicated to environmental sustainability and combating climate change. Over a six-year partnership, Comensura assisted the client in expanding their ED&I (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) strategy to their contingent workforce.

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Company Revenue




Region Supported 




Over 50 Ukrainian

employees recruited from Jobs for Ukraine initiative 

80% of over 50’s

would like to make role's permanent with the client

92% of female respondents

felt that the client offers a safe, inclusive, and equal platform for females to thrive within the workplace 

Comensura has worked with a client that is a company that offers solutions that create a more sustainable environment and help fight climate change. They are part of a worldwide group of companies with over 163,000 employees around the world, designing and providing water, waste, and energy management solutions, whilst helping to ensure the sustainable development of communities and industries. 

Comensura have an ongoing relationship with them, having worked with them for the last 6 years, managing their contingent workforce with an MSP. 

The client wanted to build upon their successful ED&I hiring within their permanent headcount, by expanding to focus on contingent ED&I hiring across underrepresented groups. They were looking to continue to attract quality applicants, but with a higher number of women (as a typically under-represented group in the Waste Sector), over 55’s, and to help play a part in finding meaningful employment for Ukrainian refugees, whilst also offering opportunities to potential candidates from underrepresented groups in need of additional support, primarily focusing on ex-offenders leaving prison and in need of employment.

Their key goals were to increase both their female and over 55’s contingent workforce by 10%, to find work for 50 Ukrainian Refugees, as well as looking for other ways to reach niche and minority groups. 

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